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The Quality Evaluation Application System for Health and Family Planning Newspapers Project

所属分类:Internet service发布日期:2017-06-29

1. Overview

The quality evaluation system for health and family planning journal is an online quality management and evaluation platform for journals built by Tongfang CNKI (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and China Scientific Literature Evaluation and Measuring Research Center entrusted by China Health Education Center, which is under the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the P. R. C. in 2014.

The system aims to provide China Health Education Center with a set of solutions to the quality evaluation on health and family planning newspapers and periodicals. The system realizes rapid online quality evaluation and expert database management of health and family planning newspapers, as well as the statistics and analysis of the evaluation results through the network modern technology.

2. Core competence

Through the application of the system, the following objectives can be achieved for customers:

(1) by taking the advantages of CNKI journals data, the work efficiency of newspaper evaluation of China Health Education Center and Newspaper Editorial Department can be improved.

(2) by taking the introduced CNKI expert database as alternative review experts, the experts of China Health Education Center can be increased and the review quality can be improved.

(3) by taking the advantages of CNKI literature search, knowledge network node, similarity detection, and other technical advantages, the review and management can be more scientific and targeted.

(4) China Scientific Literature Evaluation and Measuring Research Center can provide professional services for the newspaper evaluation of China Health Education Center and carry out research on the development of academic journals together with China Health Education Center.

3. Solution

Based on CNKI journal resources collection, normative data processing, technical advantages of content analysis, and years of experience in journal evaluation, the system has achieved online monitoring of assessment of over 200 kinds of newspapers and journals, which is charged by Health And Family Planning Commission, in overall process to ensure journal assessment work can be completed on time. Expert online evaluation and online management assessment of related massive basic data were achieved, so as to make customer evaluation efficient and orderly.

4. Final results

In November 2014, the system completed research and development according to plan, passed the acceptance, and was recognized by users and relevant experts. At present, the system has been applied to journal management and evaluation, assisting customers to improve efficiency and quality of work.


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