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Sino-Indonesia Digital Culture Space

所属分类:Internet service发布日期:2017-06-29

On September 28, 2016, the Confucius Institute at University of Al Azhar Indonesia organized the launching ceremony of “China Knowledge Cloud Service” and “Sino-Indonesia Digital Culture Space” project with Tongfang CNKI jointly.

Based on massive literature database of CNKI, and supported by books, journals, newspapers, and pictures, “Sino-Indonesia Digital Culture Space” is targeted at local people and local Chinese readers in Indonesia to provide cultural exchange channel and platform for China and Indonesia, and ultimately research and develop knowledge services products which are concise and easy to use with professional knowledge classification system and Chinese &  English multi-lingual literature search and access services.

Themed at “Chinese Culture, Sino-Indonesia Friendship”, the project deeply integrated literature and resources relating to Indonesia and Sino-Indonesian friendship, and presented the knowledge mining to readers through artificial edition, which, assisted by touch reading device, has improved overall reading and usage experience on the platform of Indonesian readers, and made them fully understand China and correctly look upon the friendly exchanges between China and Indonesia.

The platform will achieve unified search of journals, newspapers, etc. to meet users’ demand of searching the required resources quickly and accurately; the full integration of fragmented document organization technology and classification advantages fully demonstrates the strengths of digital resources in knowledge system classification, convenient for users to find required content through quick positioning; online viewing service of books and English journals has adopted advanced streaming online reading loading mode to solve the problem of slow loading of online reading.

“Sino-Indonesia Digital Culture Space” digital library, including “Chinese Culture”, “Sino-Indonesia Cultural Exchange”, “Exchange Information”, “Sino-Indonesia Impression”, “Cultural Encyclopedia” and “Window to China”, a total of 700,000 articles, has built a new bridge for enhancing the friendship between China and Indonesia.


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