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“Hell . . . Marlin Can’t Read”
By Captain Jerry E. Miller
“This book is dedicated solely to Marlin fishing and how to catch ’em.”
A professional Charter Boat Captain with 35 years of Marlin fishing experience, Captain Miller provides straight talk on what works and what doesn’t in this funny, provocative and instructional book.
Excerpts published in Big Game Fishing Journal and Marlin Magazine.
Serious reading for serious Marlin fishermen.
Complete with illustrations, diagrams and space for notes and log information.
“You don’t have to be a great fisherman – but you have to be a great illusionist.”
Straight talk on what works and what doesn’t – a must read for marlin fishermen!


It’s a well known theory that twin diesel sportfishers raise more billfish than any other type of boat. We have taken this a step further to produce the exact sound of twin diesel engines out of sync at the precise speed, rpm and low frequency hum that raises billfish.

This compact disk can make your gas-powered boat sound just like a twin-diesel sportfisher.

Using any standard CD player you duplicate the low frequency sound of twin diesel engines out of sync at the precise rpm and trolling speed for maximum fish raising effect. Designed to work with fiberglass, metal, wood or composite boat hulls, the Magic Sound C.D. will help you attract more–billfish!

How loud must I play my Magic Sound CD?
Sound travels three times faster and further in water than in the air. On a scale of one to ten, we recommend you adjust your volume control somewhere from three to five. Do not set the volume control so high that it creates distortion.

How many speakers do I need?
Two speakers must be used to reproduce the stereo effect of twin diesel engines.

What kind of speakers should I purchase?
If the placement of your speakers is going to be suseptible to water, we recommend investment in a pair of water-proof marine speakers.

Where do I place the speakers?
One speaker should be placed on each side of the boat below deck, face down on the inside of the hull so that the sound will shoot straight down into the water. Speakers can be installed either forward or aft.

What hull material is best?
The Magic Sound is designed to work equally well with fiberglass, metal, wood or composite boat hulls.

What kind of CD player do I need?
Any good quality CD player will do.

Can I order a CD player and speakers from your company?
No. We only provide the Magic Sound CD.

Will the sound of my gasoline powered outboard engine(s) affect the ability of the Magic Sound CD to attract billfish?
No. The Magic Sound CD produces a lower frequency sound than the sound generated by your gasoline powered engine.


Raise Billfish with Sound!

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